Before we announce this month’s charities, we’d like to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone who used their Reward Points to pick a charity last month!

Here’s how the votes were split in the end: 62.5% of you voted for HomeStart, and 37.5% of you voted for PTSA – so we split our £1000 donation to match, donating £625 to HomeStart and £375 to PTSA. You can learn more about these two very worthy causes on their JustGiving pages: the page for HomeStart is here, and the one for PTSA is here.

Support the victims of the Manchester attack with Red Cross

In the wake of the devastating recent terrorist attack in Manchester, British Red Cross are fundraising for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. You can find a full description of the aims of the fund, plus donate yourself, here. If you use your Reward Points to vote for this charity, you will be helping provide support for the people injured or bereaved by the attack. You will be helping to minimise suffering, and ensure that no one affected by the attack will face short term financial difficulties as a result. If you’d like to put your Reward Points towards minimising the impact of the tragic recent events in Manchester, then click below.

Save children from starvation by supporting Save The Children

Save the Children are fundraising for the East Africa Food Crisis appeal. You can find out more about them, plus donate yourself, here. Millions are on the brink of starvation in East Africa. Save the Children is raising money to minimise the devastation across South Sudan, Somalia, Ethopia and Kenya, and provide crucial support to children who would otherwise starve. To put your Reward Points towards this extremely worthy cause, click below.

How members have pledged so far

Every time you pledge, you will shift the percentage on the pie chart towards your chosen cause. Regardless of how you pledge, we will be giving 1000 to charity at the end of the month – but by using your Reward points, you can decide which cause gets more of the money. We’ll split it up exactly how you choose.


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