Thank you to everyone who used their reward points to vote for a charity last month. Your generosity is much appreciated! The Cancer Fighting Fund won the vote last month by 71%. Whereas the Windsor Defibrillator Pledges won 29% of the vote. This means we will be splitting our £1000 donation with £710 being donated to The Cancer Fighting Fund and £290 towards The Windsor Defibrillator Pledges.

As Lotto Social is all about playing together, and winning together. We thought it would be nice to be able to choose two local community charities and help them to reach their fund-raising goals. We have picked two charities where we think they could use our help to get them over their goal line, that’s where you come in…If you have suggestions do let us know! £1000 will then be split between those two charities depending on how you vote. So, while we are waiting for our lucky numbers to come up, we try to make it a lucky day for others. If you have any suggestions for where you would like to see us donate for next month. Feel free to drop us an email @Donate.

How members have pledged so far

Every time you pledge, you will shift the percentage on the pie chart towards your chosen cause. Regardless of how you pledge, we will be giving £1000 to charity at the end of the month – but by using your Reward points, you can decide which cause gets more of the money. We’ll split it up exactly how you choose.

Sienna's Fund

On June 16th Sienna was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma after an MRI scan found a tumour on her spine. Within 24 hours, Sienna had surgery and started a dose of chemotherapy which would last 3 months. Unfortunately this treatment did not work and resulted in further surgery being required.

This treatment came with a 5-10% chance of Sienna walking again. Against the odds, little Sienna has begun to take small steps to be able to walk again. Although this is great news, Sienna still faces a hard battle. Her treatment only carries a 40% cure with a 5 year remission period.

If the illness returns, there is no cure available to treat Sienna. We want Sienna to have the best 5 years possible. If you want Sienna’s wishes to come true then vote by clicking the button below. You can also find out more information about this fund here. If you’d like to put your Reward Points towards supporting Sienna’s Fund, then click below.

Callan's Fund

Our second choice is for Callan Rawnsley. In July 2016, Callan’s life changed forever. Callan fell off a rope swing and broke his neck. He was airlifted to hospital and spent 5 months in Sheffield Northern General Hospital. Callan is now confined to a wheelchair with no use of his legs. Many adaptations have been carried out to make the house accessible for Callan.

He has started college and is studying Sports Development and coaching. He also stays active by playing wheelchair rugby for the Yorkshire Lions. Callan has the potential to go really far in this sport and one of his main wishes is to represent Team GB. For Callan to compete, he needs a specially modified sports wheelchair that is not publicly funded.

Lets help a future Team GB Gold medalist on his way to achieving his dream and bringing home the gold for Britain! Donate to Callan by clicking below. You can also find out more information about this fund here. To put your Reward Points towards this extremely worthy cause, click below.


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