Thank you to everyone who used their reward points to vote for a charity last month. Your generosity is much appreciated! The Bradley Lowery Foundation won the vote this month by 63%. The North East Wildlife & Rescue Foundation who are raising money for a new animal hospital received 37% of the vote.

This means we will be splitting our £1000 donation with £630 being donated to The Bradley Lowery Foundation and £370 towards The North East Wildlife & Rescue Foundation. As Lotto Social is all about playing together, and winning together, we thought it would be nice to be able to choose two local community charities and help them to reach their fund-raising goals. We have picked two charities where we think they could use our help to get them over their goal line, that’s where you come in.

.If you have suggestions do let us know! £1000 will then be split between those two charities depending on how you vote. So, while we are waiting for our lucky numbers to come up, we try to make it a lucky day for others. If you have any suggestions for where you would like to see us donate for next month. Feel free to drop us an email @Donate.

How members have pledged so far

Every time you pledge, you will shift the percentage on the pie chart towards your chosen cause. Regardless of how you pledge, we will be giving 1000 to charity at the end of the month – but by using your Reward points, you can decide which cause gets more of the money. We’ll split it up exactly how you choose.

Windsor Defibrillator Campaign

Our first option for Charity Of The Month for September is The Windsor Defibrillator Campaign. You can see a full description of the of the fund, or even donate yourself, here. The Windsor Defibrillator Campaign looks to purchase and maintain lifesaving equipment for their community.

The charity was established by a small group of representatives from local organisations. The initial aim is to raise funds to install and maintain 10 public access defibrillators across a number of areas in the community to help save lives. There will also be a community familiarisation programme to teach people how to use the defibrillators should an event arise. Defibrillators do however have a built in instruction and are designed to require NO formal training which is why they are so important in saving lives.

If you’d like to put your Reward Points towards supporting The Windsor Defibrillator Campaign, then click below.

Cancer Fighting Fund

Our second choice for Charity Of The Month is The Cancer Fighting Fund. As September is Cancer Awareness month, we thought we would show our support for this great charity. This charity is a hospital that is able to diagnose and treat different forms of cancer with the very latest technologies, thanks to the equipment that has been purchased through charitable funds. It is one of only few hospitals that is able to do offer this treatment.

Fundraising must continue to help give the hospital the best possible equipment so that they can provide top quality treatment and chance of recovery. Charitable donations have enabled The Cancer Fighting Fund to introduce more ways to treating cancer, but more donations are required. For more information or to donate yourself, click here.

To put your Reward Points towards this extremely worthy cause, click below.


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