There are so many reasons for why you should be playing Lotto Social Games. It’s just impossible for us to list them all. So instead, we’ll name a few and then send you on your way to put the reasons into action!

Cash prizes

Not only can you play Lotto Social Games for free, you can also win cash prizes from all of our games. Yes, you read correctly! No matter what game you play, whether it be Spin Me A Fortune or Lotto Woggle, you are in for a chance of winning cash.

Even if you don’t win a cash prize, you’ll likely win Reward Points to have another crack at it!

Bonus Credit

Here’s a nifty trick. If you want extra lottery lines for a gigantic upcoming draw, then play a few Scratchcard games. Why? Well Bonus Credit allows you to purchase lottery lines whilst also mix and matching between worldwide lotteries.

So basically you can increase your chances from winning big in the lottery by playing games!


You’ll get hours upon hours of fun and entertainment from a variety of different games. There are tons of games for you to play and enjoy, from quick thrill Instant Win games, to taking on a Mini Game whilst using your skills to earn cash rewards. We’ve got it all!

There you have it, three top tips for why you should be trying your luck out on Lotto Social Games, there’s more to win than you think…


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