This Christmas isn’t just about reconnecting with friends and families. What better way to play old video games of your childhood and earn cash at the same time? Read through to the end to get some tips and a free play!

If you don’t know about Arcade Adventures yet, read another blog to check it out.

You have to reach 50 stars in the game to get £30 – which means you have to get the maximum 3 stars for 17 levels out of 20 levels. Stars will be awarded based on your speed of completion vs other players. The faster you complete the levels, the more the stars!


Do not eat the big block of cheese until you round up lots of cats behind you.

Let the cats chase behind you with a safe distance, and eat the cheese when you really need to. Eating the cats earn you extra points.

Insist on eating the dots will slow you down.

You move slower when you’re eating the dots than when you’re moving through a clear alley. If one of the cats is hot on your tail, do not insist on eating more dots. Continuing to eat cheese is a surefire way to slow Pac-Mouse down and get caught by a cat.

Cube Crunch

Look at the next piece while setting the current piece down.

Look at the preview box on the top of your screen while you are lining up with the slots. This will help you plan your next move and make it easier to determine how you want to play.

Clear more lines at one time will gain more points

Build up a mound that is at least 4 rows tall while leaving a single column completely open for the “I” piece. So you can clear 4 rows at a time to score the most points!

Planet Pinball

Do not flip both flippers at the same time

Moving them independently actually makes it easier to hit the ball and less likely to drain the ball in-between them.

Hold flipper up to catch the ball

If the ball is moving slowly around the flippers, you can hold one up to catch the ball. So you can take a little break and reorganize your strategy while you hold the ball in the flipper.

Master Pong

Keep the ball at the corner

Having edge control as those are the places the ball is most likely to go to after rebounding. And you don’t have to move as much due to having a “bigger” area of the platform to bounce the ball off.

Let the ball strike to the side of the paddle

If the ball strikes to the left or right side of the paddle, it should bounce to some other directions instead of going straight back to the opponent’s side. So the opponent will lose the game easily.

Hopefully, the tips above helped you blow the dust off some old cartridge memories.

Got all the tips? Don’t forget to get a free play – have fun and earn cash now!


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