Your game skills might be so on point that you don’t need to know how to complete levels. You’re already bossing it. If however, you want a few extra tips, then you’ve come to the right place.

Cash prizes waiting for you

If you ever feel like you’re stuck on a level, just think that a cash prize is never far away. In fact, on every Lotto Social Mini Game, cash prizes pop up every 5 levels! If that doesn’t motivate you to push on then carry on reading.

Progress doesn't cost a thing

Not to be mistaken for the popular ‘Manners don’t cost a thing’. Basically, if you complete a level within a Mini Game, you’ll win the equivalent or more number of points than it cost you to play that game. That’s a polite gesture…

Check Winnings

A great way to progress through levels is to build up your Reward Points. The more points you have, the more plays you’ll get of a game. The way in which you can do this is by Checking Your Winnings from your Dashboard.

Switch your focus

Sometimes, all you need is a break. So why not play a different game to refresh your mind. Taking a break and playing a different game will give you a fresher look so that when you come back and play the game again, you’ll completely boss the level!

If you are yet to set out and tackle a Mini Game, or you’re currently stuck on a tricky level, just apply these tips and tricks to help push you on your way to winning those cash prizes!


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