Your Lotto Social Guide, Featuring New Instant Win Games

If you haven’t noticed already, Lotto Social has a lot of perks for its members, including a range of instant win games which has cash prizes of up to £7,000! Not to mention our mini games that require skill to beat each chapter.

Before we dive into the collection of Lotto Social games, let’s first cover the basics!

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Check Your Lottery Ticket Numbers

When you lose at Lotto Social, you still win! That’s right, all you need to do is head to the dashboard and check your winnings and you’ll be rewarded with Reward Points.

What are Lotto Social Reward Points? Reward Points are a Lotto Social currency which allow you to buy a collection of instant win games and mini games that have cash prizes! Save your points to have a crack at our instant win games that have cash prizes of up to £7,000.

Bonus Credit

Small winnings? If you win less than 60p, you have the option to boost the win 4x with Bonus Credit.

You can use your Bonus Credit to get lottery lines of your choice within the Lotto Social Store – and that includes huge lotteries overseas, like Powerball and the MegaMillions.

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You’ll get:

  • £5 Cash
  • £5 Bonus Credit
  • 1000 Reward points

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Check Out Our Instant Win Games

Tip #3! Increase your chances of winning this Christmas by not missing a draw! With our exclusive Christmas Lottery deal, you can get up to 10 lines each week starting at just 1! You also get 5 free instant win games where you can win up to 7,000! We haven’t stopped there! To get into the festive spirit, we’ve included a limited time Christmas game which you will receive everyday over the Christmas period where you can win up to 100!

Our new instant win game, Fruit Cocktail! Scratch away and see if you’ll be walking home with the £250 cash prize!

Our new instant win game, Fruit Cocktail! Scratch away and see if you’ll be walking home with the £250 cash prize!

Sweeten your day with Sweet Luck! Where there’s 1 in 4 chances of winning a prize of up to £7,000! Match 3 sweets to win a cash prize, or reward points which you can use to instant win games!

Check Out Our Mini Games

Love word games? Then check out our new and improved Lotto Woggle game! Test your vocabulary and find as many words as you can within the limited timeframe!

Match 3 or more tiles to win a £20 cash prize! Speed will be important with this mini game, but also the ability to match big combos! Up for the challenge?

Have a blast with Duck Shooter and win a top prize of £20! Test your skill and bag as many yellow ducks as you can within the timeframe. Be careful though, shooting red and non-moving ducks will reduce your time!

Check your ninja reflexes and chop through the lottery balls to win a £20 cash prize. Tips for this game? Slash the small lottery balls and get combos to maximise your points tally!

Millionaire Moments

In the past we have given a range of luxury prizes and experiences! Like, a helicopter ride, taking a spin in a Porsche, Christmas tree’s and for the sweet tooth, bundles and bundles of sweets!

Check out our Lotto Social Facebook Page to be up to date with our Millionaire Moments prize draws, which give our members a slice of a millionaire lifestyle we all like to dream of.

Keep up to date with news, exciting new features and tips with our What’s On Page. We like to to use this section to keep our Lotto Social Members informed on the world of lottery, including really interesting lottery stories, like The Man That Won The Lottery From A Fortune Cookie and new games that we’ll be adding to the store!

You’ll also find nifty How-To-Guides here, just like the one you’re reading now.


Now that we have given you a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Lotto Social, why not check out our lottery membership down below!

Best of all, we place you in a lottery syndicate of up to 49 players, ultimately increasing your chances of winning!





5 EuroMillions lines every Tuesday

5 EuroMillions lines every Friday

6 Free Instant Win games where you can win up to £7,000

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10 EuroMillions lines every Tuesday

10 EuroMillions lines every Friday

6 Free Instant Win games where you can win up to £7,000





25 EuroMillions lines every Friday

25 Lotto lines every Saturday

6 Free Instant Win games where you can win up to £7,000

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