If you have seen any of these signs today or in the past few weeks, then now is the time to play… We all have lucky signs or symbols that give us a little nudge in the right direction to a win every so often, no matter how small or big.

Today however, we have a huge sign for you that tonights £121M Jackpot in the EuroMillions could be all yours. So, if you have seen any of these lucky signs below, then now could be the best time to play EuroMillions.

Four Leaf Clover

If you happen to find one of these, you can count yourself as the luckiest person out of 10,000 people, because those are the odds of finding a four leaf clover. It goes without saying that if you found one of these magical little leafs, it would surely be a sign that you could win big tonight!


If you see one of these lucky waving cats during your day, it’s a good sign that luck will be with you shortly. You could say you might be waving goodbye to your current house and saying hello to your mansion if you win the £121M EuroMillions Jackpot


We all know a horseshoe is a lucky symbol if it is upside down right? Well it is. We are not sure you will see a horseshoe today, unless you work in a stables, but if you do then surely that is a big sign that luck is on its way to you!

Money In Your Pocket

If you happen to find any spare money in your pocket, then it could be a sign that a larger sum of money will be on its way to you. So if you happen to pop your hand in your pocket and find some coins, then the Jackpot tonight could be the sign for you.

Constantly Seeing The Number 8

In Mandarin and Cantonese the number 8 is extremely lucky. Interestingly, if you look at the date 8/08/08 in China, you will see that a huge amount of people decided to get married. So if you start seeing 8 everywhere be sure to not miss the sign and buy your EuroMillions ticket!

Bubbles In Your Coffee

Some people say that if you see bubbles on the top of your coffee then you are going to have a fortune change. So if you bought a coffee today and noticed it had those all important bubbles, be sure to try your luck tonight in £121M draw! Have you seen any of these signs recently? Well if you have, then it could be a sign that luck could be on its way to you. Maybe the £121M in the EuroMillions tonight perhaps? Grab your 10 lines for only £3.99 now by clicking the button below. Don’t take the chance of missing out!


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