It’s been an eventful few weeks. The EuroMillions grew week on week. Friends, family, work colleagues and practically everyone discussed what they would do if they won the colossal jackpot. It’s now Lotto’s turn!

A jackpot of £24.8M rarely comes around in this lottery and the best part, it has to be won tonight! We want to create a positive vibe around Lottery winners. Many winners have received bad press in recent years, and rightly so for some.

Winners that go public tend to get a band reputation because of the things they blow their money on. Whether it’s splashing their new found wealth on gambling, fast cars or extravagant parties. However, what about the people that do good with their money? There are a few people that do sensible and charitable deeds. So, we have compiled a list of exactly that just for you.

Denise and Paul Hardware invested in property

In 2007 Denise and Paul Hardware won £5M. They celebrated by taking a cruise which is fair enough! These big moments need to be enjoyed, besides it’s likely that it will not happen again for Denise and Paul. They also made very sensible decisions like paying off their mortgage, buying their affordable dream home in Somerset and funding their son’s degree. Great decisions!

Jim Dancy Donated to Charity

Jim Dancy decided to donate all of his winnings to charity when he won Michigan’s Lottery Club Keno game. Granted, it was £10,000 which in regards to other winners is not much at all. However, it is the thought that counts right? Many people win millions and don’t donate a penny to charity. So good on Jim! If Jim has got you in the mood to donate then why not check out our charities of the month here.

Les Robins Founded a Day Camp For Children

In 1993, Les Robins won the highest Powerball Jackpot at that time of $111M. Instead of keeping it all for himself, Les decided to donate a large portion of the winnings to build a day camp for children. Being a teacher most of his life probably had a big influence on his decision but still, what a wonderful gesture! Surely Les has to be Teacher of the century?

Louise White Got Financial Experts for Guidance

Louise White also won big on the Powerball Lottery. Mrs White chose to take the lump sum of $210M instead of waiting for 30 years to claim the full jackpot. Rhode Island, (the State where Louise is from) does not allow winners to accept the prize anonymously. To counteract this measure, Louise created a trust fund to distance herself from the winnings. Pretty smart move huh? Louise also called the Trust after the flavour of sherbet she bought that led her to the shop of the winning ticket.

Well there you have it. Not all Lottery winners splash the cash and blow their millions. A few do great things and make their new found wealth improve the life of others. Remember, if you win. Be sensible, be wise and enjoy! Why not create your own lottery legacy by playing in the huge Lotto Rollover tonight. Get your lines below and secure your entry in the draw for only £3.99 for 10 Lines!


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