Have we all been keeping tuned into the Olympics in Rio lottery lovers? If you haven’t, I bet you’d love to know us Brits are smashing it in 2nd place on the medals table, woop woop! And did you know that each Lottery ticket purchased contributes to Team GB’s success in Rio? As a proportion of the money spent on the National Lottery is given to good causes. Even when you are buying tickets in a syndicate, you’re still contributing as Lotto Social guarantee we buy all our tickets directly from the National Lottery.

And so far the Lottery fund have donated £80M to the Rio Olympics 2016. Don’t you feel good that you’re a part of the success (although I know we are all hoping to strike gold too eh!!). So keep buying your tickets lottery lovers it all helps those determined athletes to hit that top spot on the medals table, will we win gold this time in Rio?! How the National Lottery has contributed to the Olympics:

1. Lottery funded athletes have won 633 Olympic and Paralympic medals since funding was awarded.

The Funding is supporting over 1300 athletes in Rio.

The National Lottery contributes over £80M per year to Olympic and Paralympic Sports.

25% of the money from National Lottery ticket sales is spent on good causes, and 20% of that is allocated to sport including the Olympics.


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