Lost & Found Lottery Tickets – Tips To Protect Your Fortune

Imagine buying a lottery ticket, matching the winning numbers, but come to realise you have lost your million-pound lottery ticket. THE HORROR!! Your heart falls out of your chest and your mind starts going 100 miles per hour trying to figure out where your lost lottery ticket is.


Well, that’s exactly what happened to the three unlucky lottery winners below!

$136M Powerball – Lost Lottery Ticket

Anthony Perosi, your average plumber misplaced his Powerball ticket, worth a whopping $136M. After a long six weeks, this lucky plumber found his winning ticket lodged between two pipes in his basement.


What’s the odds?! A plumber losing his tickets in his very own pipes. How ironic!

$3M – Lottery Ticket Lost & Never Found

A British couple lost their £3M fortune in 2001, they weren’t able to prove that they purchased the winning ticket. The dispute was brought up after 30 days of the draw, which meant Camelot did not have to pay up. How unfortunate!

$1M – Right Number, Wrong Date!

When technology fails you and it costs you $1M, what do you do?


Two friends threw away their ticket after confirming they hadn’t won. Little did they know that the lottery website had failed to update the most recent winning lottery numbers, meaning the pair had compared their numbers to the previous weeks winning numbers. What a mix-up!


Sadly, when the pair finally realised they had won, it was hopelessly too late as their ticket was long gone.


So what can we learn from these lost ticket horror stories? Well, ensure that you keep your tickets safe as you never know when you can hit the jackpot. What better way to keep your ticket safe than to join an online syndicate where all tickets are electronically stored and protected.


With Lotto Social you can easily check your tickets and even refer back to your old tickets, meaning that they will always and forever be safe & sound.


It’s too late for these unlucky winners, but it’s not too late for you! Play safely & securely whilst increasing your chances by playing in a syndicate with Lotto Social.


Here are some precautions you can take to prevent losing your potential fortune:


  • Place all your tickets in the same place, maybe a box under your bed, plastic wallet or if you really want to go all out, a safe!
  • Avoid putting your tickets in any type of pockets, tickets can easily be forgotten and ruined in the wash
  • A great way to prove that a ticket is yours is by signing the back of your ticket
  • You may think this is extreme but the best precaution after joining a syndicate would be to scan or photocopy your ticket


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