Feed NHS Charity


For our charity of the month scheme we are giving C$1000 to charity this month And we are letting you vote with your reward points to decide where it goes.

Vote with your reward points here if you’d like to see more of the money go to Feed NHS Charity. You can also choose to vote for NHS Charities Together.
When you vote, we will send you a text to say thank you, and at the end of the month we will split up the C$1000 according to how many people pledged towards each charity.

Help feed NHS workers one healthy meal each day

Actors Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory are spearheading a campaign with LEON to get 6,000 meals a day into London hospitals for critical care staff and then hopefully across the nation to feed the NHS.

Why Lotto Social does charity

Charity is at the heart of Lotto Social. So much so that we want to bring the lottery back to its roots for local charity and communities.   Smaller charities & communities have adopted lottery/raffles as a way to raise funds for themselves, which in some cases, rely on them as a major source of consistent income.   However, the growing popularity of state lotteries soon started detracting attention away from local lotteries, as players believe that they offer better value and an increased chance of winning big.   At Lotto Social, we make it possible for charities to use the nation’s favourite draws, such as the EuroMillions & Lotto to help raise money for their cause. This ultimately, gives lottery players the chance of winning big, whilst at the same time providing smaller charities with a fundraising tool.  


Kent Sports Trust Foundation & St George’s Hospital Charity were featured as March Charity of the Month last month.   Kent Sports Trust Foundation is a charitable organisation devoted to changing lives through sport in Kent. They are passionate about helping everyone to achieve their potential through being active and participating in sport.   St George’s Hospital Charity supports St George’s hospitals and the communities they serve. Their work makes a real difference to patients, their families and friends and the staff who care for them.   Lotto Social asked you how we should split the £1,000 between the two charities, and the results are in!   27.3% Voted for Kent Sports Trust Foundation. This means £273 will be donated.   72.7% Voted for St George’s Hospital Charity. As a result, £727 will be donated.  

What we have done before

In the past few months, Lotto Social’s members have helped a number of local charities to raise awareness and funds for their great causes. We’ve supported over 40 small charities across different areas, from charities that look to aid children in time of need, to causes that help to shelter the homeless over the cold winter months. Collectively with our members, we’ve donated over £25,000, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime in the near future. Vote for Feed The NHS for this month’s Charity Of The Month with 10 (or more) Reward Points. Find all you need to know within our April Charity Of The Month Blog.  

What’s this big chart all about?

Good question! Every time you use your Reward Points to vote you will shift the percentage on the pie chart towards your chosen cause.   At the end of the month we’ll split up the £1,000 donation according to which way you guys voted.   If you want to vote for NHS Charities Together, click here.